Monday, August 5, 2013

Community Support

Blessings. I can never stop talking about all the blessings that God gives. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by communities that care and love me and want to support me. Part of my responsibility for this next year is to raise money for my year of ministry. I had faith that I would be able to rely on the communities that I am a part of to support me, but it is a lot of money that I have to raise, and I was a bit nervous about reaching my goal while spending my summer, and fundraising time, at camp. In the beginning of the summer I got a wonderful e-mail that said a church, which I had never been to or heard of, was going to sponsor me for part of my year of ministry. I was, and still am, silenced by their kindness. This is such a generous gift. I then got the chance to go thank them personally and talk to their congregation about what I am going to be doing and what I know so far. They welcomed me in with open arms and let me talk at multiple different times so many people got to ask questions and I got to thank many people. I can't wait to stay in touch with them throughout this next year and then meet up with them again when I come back to the States. There are no words that can accurately describe what it feels like to know that a group of people who do not know you or anything about you are willing to support you in the works that you are going to do, even when you are not sure of exactly what those works are. They not only said they were going to support me financially, but they said they were going to pray for me and some members talked about sending me mail. Knowledge that people who just met me are praying for me and looking to keep in touch with me while I am in South Africa is a very comforting thing to know. This community that I am blessed with, that keeps growing, is a blessing that I cannot articulate with words (or motions and sounds for that matter).

Now, my community of support has grown in size and in strength. As I mentioned above, I was nervous about how I was going to fund-raise while working at camp this summer. I was concerned that I would not have enough time or enough people to talk with in the communities that I am a part of. But the blessings in my life have been abundant and I cannot give enough thanks to God for them. I was anxious about getting enough funding, but I found out earlier this week that the communities that I am a part of have been so kind and have supported me over and above for me to reach my goal. I am grateful and so blessed.

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