Monday, September 9, 2013

The Little Things

My first week has been an interesting one. Being the first YAGM in this site means many different things. One of which is that they may not know what to do with me yet, and the South African culture is great at allowing time for people to get to know the community and culture and for the community to get to know the person. But that also means that I do a lot of sitting.

One day I found myself sitting at home with a woman whom I call Titi. Her English is not the best but I follow her around and learn from her actions and we have small verbal exchanges. There was a lull in the days work and she invited me to sit and watch T.V. Instead, I asked her if she could teach/show me the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible (Matthew 6:9-13). I had my Venda Bible and English Bible in my hand ready. We sat down on the couch together and she read the Venda version and then motioned for me to read the English version. She then quickly went to get something from her room and told me “I’m coming” (I have learned through many mistakes, when they say that they mean I am coming back and NOT for me to follow J ). She returned with a book and on the back pages was written different Bible verses. She does prayer every night at 7 and uses this book. So, she would choose a Bible verse, we would both open to it, she would read, and then I would read.  It was a beautiful exchange that we had back and forth for quite some time. I thank God for the beautiful time that I got to spend with her reading the Word. 

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  1. you are so wise and wonderful... I'm pretty sure, knowing me, I'd have ended up watching TV trying to convince myself I was immersing myself in THEIR culture.
    You took the time to truly spread the word.