Friday, November 29, 2013

Guardian Angels

Written on 15 October 2013

I am being watched over. 
My guardian angels protect, comfort, and guide me. 

There are many places where I go and have no clue what to do. At school, I can never remember where to go or when in the mornings. But luckily kids come find me and show me where to go. They greet me and tell me to either hurry up and head to the teacher prayer or hold my hand and guide me to the department prayer. They walk with me. As we play, they let me know when class is going to start. During celebrations at school I enter crowded rooms and stare frightfully at what I will have to navigate on my own. But I don’t need to fear; my eyes catch the eyes of my guardian angels and they motion to where I should sit. After school or on weekends, when I walk home through crowded streets, I hear “Elle” being shouted and know I will soon be accompanied by a young friend with a warm smile. As I pass houses on my walks, I find adults outside their homes; some greet me, some look confused and then smile when I greet them, but whenever I hear a high pitched voice say “Elle!” I know to look a little lower and see my guardian angels that welcome me and look after me to ensure that I am happy and well.

I knew this year was going to be about accompaniment. But I did not think that I would be accompanied by so many loving children, some of which I’ve only met once or twice. 

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  1. Dear, dear Elle! I just read the blog straight through and what a wonderful post to end on today. All those years being loved by the African children at ESL at Faith were just "training" for your current mission! It warms my heart to think of the joy you are sharing with your little friends. Love, Debbie