Monday, May 19, 2014

Being an Introvert

I love my alone time. I need it; to recharge. But I am realizing that I LOVE witnessing my community, and one of the times I love it most is when I am recharging. How?

I spend a lot of my recharging time in my room. But, I usually leave my door open. As I sit on my bed I can hear and see my community still engaged. I love to listen to my auntie and mama watching TV. My favorite is when soccer is playing at night and I hear screams and shouts of “YES! YES!!!!” coming from the sitting room, and I can’t contain my smiles. Or when naps are in order and I can hear through the wall mama or my auntie snoring as they rest. I also love to look out my window and see small children at play in the streets. Or watch as beloved neighbors walk by on their way to someone’s house or the store. If it is Sunday, I get to hear music as drums ring out beautiful sounds and people sing loud praise from my neighbor’s house church, which continues well into the afternoon. Sometimes if it is a nice day and I’ve been inside too long, I will hear “Elle!” being called from friends as they walk by looking to play. And it is not only my community here that I see when I recharge. I have on my walls cards and photos from loved ones and community members from back in the States that they have sent me throughout this year. I get to see them and the love that they represent, and I am just filled with joy. My alone time to recharge is not really alone time, I am not isolated, but witnessing, like a fly on the wall, the beauty of my community as it swirls and dances about, and I love it.

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