Monday, August 25, 2014

Limbo Forest

It is freeing, being deep in the forest. Surrounded by nature.  Wandering. Just wandering. Having the time, space, and choice to see and go wherever the path or wind takes you.

The forest is large, and there are many places to go, and many different ways to get out, but before you do so, it is nice to explore. Sit. Walk. Talk. Be. in limbo.

The vast diversity of trees towering over you, giving you shade, shelter, oxygen, beauty. You can walk and smell the flowers, turn around to find the moss that you missed growing next to the stump. There is a dung beetle that you watch, as it pushes a ball across the path, and you lose it under a pile of fallen leaves. But waiting and watching you can see the rustle of leaves as the beetle fights and works to push the ball through, and it emerges after some time on the other side.

It is relieving to sit and watch creation grow and change around you, not having to work or do, but just be and see, absorb and experience.

But the forest is not only a place of light and relaxation. The sun does go down. Darkness comes. And fear can creep in the shadows that are created as they dance across the unknown paths.  It is unnerving walking around not knowing where you step, what you will land on, or what will suddenly come across your path. Even known and familiar paths can be daunting and eerie when seen with different lenses.

But dawn always comes. The promise of light is fulfilled each morning, as the earth continues to spin. And the exploration goes on.

Being alone.
All alone.
There is silence.
But being still and alone in the forest of limbo does not mean we are sole independent beings that have to journey by ourselves. No, being still and alone in the forest of limbo can opens our eyes to the WIDE and WHOLE web that we are wonderfully woven into. We are connected to each piece of creation, witnessed and unseen, known and stranger.

There is so much beauty that can be found and unveiled in the forest. But there comes a time, when a path is chosen, and the walk begins. A new light is found, and we go towards it, remembering the lessons and treasures that we discovered while in the forest, and forever knowing that we will return, maybe after a short time down the currently chosen path, or after years of walking the same road, we will return to find new gems that twinkle and add a spark to our world, or new beams of light that illuminate pieces of ourselves that we never knew.

The forest is a mysterious place, one that holds wonders and fears. But one will never know the power that the forest can give, the life and affirmation that it offers, until one allows oneself to empty out and walk in faith through the forest for a little while, witnessing the gifts that limbo has to give. 

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